Brett Ratner, the director of the widely-criticized "X-Men: The Last Stand" sequel, recently spoke to AOL's Popeater blog about his experiences with the movie, and he had some less than flattering things to say about the comics community and its poor response. More specifically, he said that the ardent and vocal fans who criticized him don't have lives.

The advice he got from Bryan Singer:

"When you talk about 'people,' you're talking about comic book geeks. The best advice I got from ['X-Men' and 'X-2' director] Bryan Singer was: 'Whatever you do, do not read the Internet while making this movie. They were cursing me out the whole time. You can't please everybody, Brett. There's no rules here.'"

On killing Professor X
"I did make rules for myself. I did not want to put one scene in this movie that wasn't existing in a comic book. So they can't say that I made something up - like killing Professor X, which they gave me such s*** about, meanwhile he died five times [in the comics]. That comes with the territory."

On the vocal comic book fans:
"All the people who said 'Brett Ratner is the Antichrist and I hope he dies a slow, painful death' are all paying to go see my movie. I don't mind that passion, and I don't agree, but I love a person who's passionate about a comic book character. You gotta give it up for that guy, 'cause he's got nothing else going on in his life. [Laughs] But he's passionate about that, and that's good. That's important. I think that keeps people going."

(via Popeater)