Last October, Brian K. Vaughan announced that he and Marcos Martín were working on a new creator-owned project together, but did not reveal the title, publisher or release date. While there are still very few details of the upcoming book, Vaughan and Martín have now revealed three teaser images that could possibly give fans an idea of what to expect. So far there are three images in total, and while that's certainly not much, any new art from Martín is always more than welcome, and with the incredible success of Vaughan's Saga, any new project from him will certainly merit excitement from readers.

Martín doesn't seem to have a Twitter account, so Hawkeye artist David Aja took to Twitter to post the images. The first teaser, above, comes courtesy of Zona Negativa, and the Spanish copy translates to English as "I like it." You can check out the other two images after the cut.Next is "Follow," provided by RTVE:

And finally, "Share," courtesy of EntreComics:

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