Yesterday, Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martín released three teaser images for their previously announced new project. While fans were certainly excited, there were still precious few details: neither a title or publisher had been revealed. That's all changed, as this morning the duo launched the website Panel Syndicate, where you can purchase the first issue of their new digital series The Private Eye, for any price you want.Created with colorist Muntsa Vicente, The Private Eye is described by the team as a "Sci-Fi detective story for mature readers." And while there is no definite length in mind for this new series, it is intended to be "around 10 issues total."

The creators have stated that readers will be able to pay "any price you think is fair" for each DRM-free issue, and hint that this story is just the first in this new initiative. It's a bold and interesting move and one that, if successful, will almost certainly affect the way other creators consider rolling out new projects.

The first issue of The Private Eye is 32 pages long and available for purchase right now.

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