Once upon a time Marvel Comics had its own "City of Heroes" in its sights via Microsoft. The aim was to build a massive online world where players could take up superheroing in the mighty Marvel manner. Things didn't quite work out the way they seem to have for DC and its upcoming "DC Universe Online," but Marvel architect Brian Michael Bendis left with some memories according to a video interview with MTV Multiplayer.

"There were dozens of missions written, the Baxter Building was built, the X-Mansion was built, but yeah, it all just went away," said Bendis.

Bendis went on to explain that the relative ease of project completion is part of why he ultimately prefers working in comics over feature films, video games and other more complicated media.

It's a shame more of the Marvel title was never released to the public. It'd be really interesting to take a look under that hood. Oh well, maybe it'll be declassified once the tech behind it is rendered obsolete.

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