BOOM! Studios will be making a formal announcement with all the details at this weekend's Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, but knowing that the ComicsAlliance crowd are fans of the best art ever the publisher shared with us this image from a brand new comic book project by Brian Stelfreeze. The artist behind a memorably stunning run of painted covers for DC Comics' Batman: Shadow of the Bat in the 1990s and innumerable contributions to comics from virtually every American publisher over the years, Stelfreeze is a longtime favorite of art and illustration aficionados and collectors. Penciller, inker, colorist and painter, Stelfreeze's high contrast black and white work is leaps off the page (or screen); his digitally colored or traditionally painted pieces are as luscious as they are graphically striking; and his idiosyncratic figure style can only be described in contradictory terms like angular and curvy is just utterly cool.

Some of the details of this new project are known to me but I've agreed to keep them to myself until BOOM! makes their proper announcement on Sunday. I can tell you that if you're a Stelfreeze fan, you are going to be both shocked and delighted. For now, enjoy this taste of things to come.

What you see above will be available to buy in person from BOOM! at Emerald City. The $20 print will be limited to 150 copies and printed on high-end 80lb art paper. Stelfreeze will be available at the publisher's booth throughout the weekend to sign the print.

Stelfreeze's project is part of BOOM! Studios "I am BOOM!" campaign, a promotional initiative that was launched at last weekend's ComicsPRO retailers organization meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Other creators involved include Paul Jenkins and Mike Carey, but so far Stelfreeze is the only cartoonist. He spoke about working with BOOM! in a video that was screened for retailers at the event, and which you can also watch courtesy of CBR.

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