If there's one thing readers have come to expect through the White Lanterny life and death soap opera that is Brightest Day, it's the unexpected. Heroes rise and fall (and lose limbs) on the reg and this week's issue #23 is no exception. We can't tell you which prominent DC character is set to return in a major way this week here, but follow us past the jump for a massive spoiler.According to DC's The Source blog, none other than Swamp Thing is back and ready for plant elemental action as the Dark Avatar in a major way. Well, that's just an assumption really. All we know for sure is that Alec Holland/the plant dude who absorbed Alec Holland's memories rears his ugly (but heroic) head as the result of some White Lantern shenanigans.

Normally I'd insert a helpful paragraph or two summarizing Swampy's origins, but fortunately for us all the Let's Be Friends Again crew's already done the heavy lifting. Click the image below to catch up on the Swampster's lush history at DC and Vertigo as you prepare for his mysterious return:

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