Despite the optimism implied by DC's "Brightest Day" banner launching this April, it looks like there's still tumultuous (and fairly dark) times ahead for the publisher's starting lineup.

Today at The Source, a four-piece cover image by Mike Mayhew linking the "Justice League: Rise and Fall" one-shot along with it's contributory "Green Arrow" #31, "Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal" #1 and "Justice League of America" #43 proves that just because the world might have a brighter outlook, overcoming adversity is still the rule of the day for DC's heroes.

Roy Harper's severed arm seems to stand in stark contrast to the positive vibes of BD, but if his series' title is any indication, the way he handles his recent tragedy could make all the difference in the coming months.

If all this potential gloom speculation is too much for you, take heart. DC's upcoming title "Justice League: Generation Lost" will pair Keith Giffen and Judd Winick - two creators known for balancing heart and humor with all the trails and tribulations that define super heroics.

Whatever shakes down in the DCU over the coming year, tragedy is going to continue to play a role. Brighter day or no, that's probably a balance most fans can live with.

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