Jackson Hyde's been making quite a splash name for himself these days as the new Aqualad with starring roles in both Cartoon Network's Young Justice animated TV show and DC Comics' year-long Brightest Day series, but his greatest achievement yet definitely has to be getting cast in plastic by DC Direct. Joined by all-new action figure versions of Jade, Hawk and Dove, the young water-controlling hero's visage will arrive in stores this August.Brightest Day is set to conclude in the spring of 2011, meaning this third wave of toys will likely ship as the event wraps up, but fans should be able to use updated sculpts of all four of these characters in general for the immediate future.

Additionally, YJ fans should have a fairly easy go of customizing the BD Aqualad to look like his cartoon counterpart with the more closely-cropped mop.

See the full image of the wave below:

[Via Toynewsi]

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