Considering how disjointed and utterly baffling the various incarnations of Street Sharks from Mattel/DiC/Archie Comics were, Brooke A. Allen deserves all due praise for painting up the four finned mutants in truly jawesome fashion. Allen even goes a step above and beyond by animating the Street Sharks, beasts from Skyrim, Gizmo of Gremlins fame and more in social media-friendly .gif form. Author of 2010's A Home for Mr. Easter, the artist continues to grow with projects ranging from sculptures to comics. Her next published comics work is slated for release this summer in the District Comics anthology. Looking at Allen's awesome renditions, it seems a shame that Archie probably has no plans to revive their Street Sharks series. Her talents will surely fight and bite just as well on other projects, though. Check out Allen's handiwork after the cut.

Street Sharks



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