The most jarring line in the new trailer for James Mangold’s increasingly buzzy Wolverine spinoff Logan comes when Hugh Jackman’s gruff mutant informs his young charge, “This is the real world. People die.” He tells her this after seeing one of her vintage X-Men comic books, and informing her that the team’s actual exploits bear little resemblance to what’s on the page. It all sends a clear message: this is a film unlike the solo Wolverine pictures that came before it, distinctive both in its high stakes and self-awareness. It’s a sharply written moment, but the new clip doesn’t linger on it for too long before getting to the good stuff — in this instance, a young girl cutting off an adult man’s hands.

The new trailer for Logan shows off a little of the violence that’s already earned it a surprising R rating, showing newly introduced mutant X-23 in all her savage glory. The first snippet in the trailer finds her and old man Logan at a convenience store, where an Aaron Taylor-Johnson lookalike calls out the pint-sized killer for shoplifting. It looks like the moment might be played for comedy, but he only growls “Not okay!” at her before they both leave. The stone-faced moment fits in with the rest of this bleak-looking film, its emotional core being the tentative bond established between Logan and his gender-flipped spitting image. The entire trailer presages a tougher sort of superhero film than audiences have gotten used to, with the toughest pre-teen girl since Chloe Grace Moretz dropped a C-bomb in Kick-Ass. The film will premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival next month before it goes into wide release on March 3 — just don’t try to sneak in. That would be, to quote a Canadian mutant, not. okay.

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