Last week saw the release of Dark Horse's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" #34, in which Buffy and Angel have super-powered sex for 22 pages while the rest of the cast stands around shouting exposition. This is actually what happens. If that's what you're into, more power to you, and while we had to pause at seeing Buffy literally being thrust through a mountain, we here at ComicsAlliance were drawn to the panel where Buffy achieves orgasm in the airless and soundless depths of space:

Maybe it's OCD of us, but we can't abide an empty word balloon, and since it's about the only thing in this issue not getting filled (hot-cha!), we decided to let CA Senior Writer Chris Sims have a stab and writing up a little dialogue for it!

Perhaps Buffy's marveling at the sudden drop in temperature:

Or maybe her dialogue was obscured by writer (and "Identity Crisis" scripter) Brad Meltzer's original captions?

Or maybe Buffy learned to talk dirty from Jamie Delano's "Rawbone":

Well what else do people shout in space?

Or to meet the "Buffy's" daily recommended allowance of "Star Wars" references...

Or perhaps that scourge of humanity... the pun:

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