Under normal circumstances, a video on the internet that opens with a grown man sitting up in bed with another grown man wearing a full-body tiger costume would only be of interest to a very specific market. When it's a Calvin & Hobbes fan-film that reboots the franchise into a new story about a grown-up Calvin being terrorized by his own reality-altering imagination, however, I'm pretty sure most of our readers are going to be into it.

Check out the full video below!

Released by YouTube's Gritty Reboots, who also produced a Jurassic Park-esque version of Pokémon Snap, the video pulls a ton of moments from the strip, including Calvin and Hobbes' discussion of the existence of the devil that reflects their namesakes' theological views and the classic "Monsters Under the Bed" gags. I'm not sure I recall Calvin summoning up a Hadouken, but, you know, it's been a while.

Either way, seeing Calvin and Susie perform a self-Inception in order to rescue Hobbes is a pretty awesome way to spend three minutes.

[via Robot 6]

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