We're still over a year away from the big-screen debut of the amazingly titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which your two favorite DC Comics heroes will be v-ing each other alongside other members of the Justice League, and maybe getting around to fighting an actual supervillain somewhere in hour three, if they have time. If you can't wait, though, I have some good news: BrickNerd Studios has brought you a short film in which the LEGO counterparts of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel slug it out in brutal combat... for... some reason.

I'm not overselling things when I say that this is the best possible version of this fight that you're likely to see onscreen, and that Hollywood's going to have a hard time topping it in 2016.

While BrickNerd is normally a video series devoted to news and chat about everyone's favorite Danish building blocks, LEGO Batman vs. Superman (a title that for some reason doesn't sound like a court case) represents what I believe is their first shot at making a short film. Based on this one, I certainly hope they do more, especially if their plan is to just point a camera at a minifig and throw things at it for a solid minute. That's a pretty can't miss formula.

[via Robot 6]

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