Calvin and Hobbes can be as much to draw and write for as they are to read. Just ask some of our favorite creators like Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejowho have paid homage to

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Bill Watterson's comic strip in the past. There's one contest going on right now, though, that's pulling in some of best mash-up concepts you'll see this month, infusing the boy and his tiger with tastes of the Masters of the Universe and the Legion of Superheroes, among other things.

Responses to the Super Punch call for artwork (details posted here) thus far have included a confrontation between Hobbes and Garfield, a Batman tale involving a shark and Calvin on the receiving end of a verbal beat-down from Cosmic Boy. With just over a week to go, there are bound to be a few more squeezing into the running for prizes as well, but the competition is already heated.Feel free to sound off about your own picks below.

Jason Chalker
Holden Leung

Timothy Lim with text by Mark Pellegrini

Mekaela St. George

Cormac McEvoy

Timothy Lim
Steven Anderson

Glen Yard

M.S. Corley

Richard Kuoch

Kyle Starks

Jerrod Maruyama

James Haskins

Karl Habegger

Timothy Lim

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