While there's a faction of fans disappointed that Sam Raimi's vision for the Spider-Man film franchise won't extend into a fourth installment, I think most can agree that it was time for a reboot.

Over at Theater Hopper, artist Tom Brazelton drives that feeling home by reminding fans of one especially important detail: Tobey Maguire's march toward 37 might have been a touch out of Spider-fans' reach in terms of identifying with a traditionally young character.

After all, potential mid-life crises are hardly an endearing characteristic when it comes to the web-slinger. Remember when Marvel tried to give Peter Parker an ulcer? Yeah, I'm still trying to block that out too.

Fans who enjoyed (parts of) the trilogy wish Maguire well, but everyone's probably better off if his talent is harnessed elsewhere until Lazarus Pit technology can properly reverse the aging process of Hollywood actors.

So for now we say farewell to the cast that made Spider-Man happen for so many years and look to a new, likely younger team to fill the void. Just please, Marvel and Sony, no Robert Pattinson, okay? Well, unless you use Morbius in the reboot...

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