Once in a great while, a truly terrific fan recreation of a big time movie trailer arrives and shakes the pillars of Heaven. It's a rare feat these days, as there's a lot of people vying for that viral smash hit to break through. I've been there, and made more than a few with friends. There are a lot more clever people than me out in the world though, and they're able to make things like this latest Captain America: Civil War trailer.

With the help of some mods and some good capture software, the folks at UpisNotJump have brought The Commonwealth wastelands a whole mess of heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe filtered through Fallout 4's lens. This is far from the first video game version of a Marvel trailer that we've seen, but the execution from remixed costumes to the lip syncing is so on point in this video, it's hard not to appreciate the efforts that went into crafting such a well-made work.

As an unabashed lover of all things Fallout (and really, who doesn't love a dystopic nuclear fututre?) and all things Captain America, this trailer really hits all the right nerves. You've got the terrific direction to put all the science lab stuff right in the heart of the numerous Vaults available, and replacing the action on the New York streets with those of Boston isn't that much of a switch at all. Even in their post-apocalyptic grime, Fallout's city streets are still cleaner than the Big Apple's are today. Substituting the sheisty government agency the Brotherhood of Steel's Prydwen for one of Project Insight's helicarriers? Turning The Castle into the Raft? Inspired.

Though there's not a real motorcycle chase in this trailer (no vehicles to drive in Fallout), the crumbled highway provides a nice bit a scenery for Black Panther to take down the Winter Soldier. Jamming War Machine into the tried and true T-60 Power Armor of the Brotherhood while giving Iron Man the more advanced X-1 Power Armor is also a nice little bit of fan service inside a trailer that is fan service in and of itself. About the only part where this trailer misses the mark ever so slightly is the Ant-Man cameo. It's just not quite possible to do that in Fallout.

The trailer also doesn't quite get the final airport sequence 100% perfect either, and Spider-Man's leap into action lacks the clever queue from Tony. Still, that UpisNotJump was able to get so much of the trailer right and worked out so well is admirable. There are a ton of small flourishes in there for fans of both the MCU and Fallout, and I'm still seeing new elements every time I watch. Maybe you will too.


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