This post contains spoilers for Captain America: Civil War.

When Captain America: Civil War screened early at fan events earlier this month, there was only one post-credits scene attached; a mid-credits sequence. Another one was coming, but Marvel wasn’t going to add it to the film until opening night. The catch is that opening night already happened in some international territories and the secret is out. So, if you want to know what both Captain America: Civil War post-credits scenes are, we have all the spoilery details for you.

The first post-credits scene, which takes place directly after the first run of credits, centers on Winter Soldier, Cap and Black Panther. Fearing he cannot be controlled, Bucky decides to put himself back in a deep freeze. To keep his whereabouts secret, Cap and Bucky turn to T’Challa who agrees to host Bucky’s frozen body in Wakanda. Cap thanks T’Challa who says that both his father, T’Chaka, and Bucky were both victims and that he hopes to find peace for both of them. Cap warns him that if anyone finds out where Bucky is being kept, they’ll come for him. T’Challa responds, “Let them try” as the camera pans to a statue of a panther ready to attack.

The second post-credits scene, at the end of the complete credits scroll, is the one Marvel has been trying to keep quiet. Normally Marvel likes to tease their next movie, but with the Doctor Strange trailer running before film, they decided to instead focus on Spider-Man. The last we see of Spider-Man in the film, he’s exhausted and passes out after the big airport battle. In the post-credits scene, Peter Parker is back in Queens, experimenting with some of the new tech Tony Stark has provided him. Aunt May comes in his room and Peter has to hide his new webshooters, plus some of the injuries he received in the fight. When she finally leaves, Peter gets to test out the new Spider Signal on his ceiling. A title card pops up that says “Spider-Man Will Return”. It doesn’t mention Spider-Man: Homecoming by name, but that film opens in theaters on July 7, 2017.

There are crappy recorded copies of both scenes online but we would never advocate that you do such a thing, because a) piracy is illegal and b) people taking out their phones to record the screen is annoying. Don’t be that guy. If you’ve made it this far, you obviously like spoilers, and that’s OK, but save the actual viewing experience for the movie theater. You’ve only got one week left.