Now that summer's here, it's important to occasionally turn off your air conditioner and keep doors and windows closed lest you face the wrath of the Cold Air Crook. What, you've never heard of the Cold Air Crook? Well, that's probably because Captain America slammed him with a refrigerator door, shattering his fiery body to pieces in a 1980 public service announcement. Luckily, the popsicles were spared.

This animated gem from the good folks at the U.S. Department of Energy finds Cap storming into some poor unsuspecting kid's home to battle energy-wasting monsters the Thermal Thief, the Wattage Waster and the aforementioned Cold Air Crook. Cap doesn't need to be invited in -- he punches first, and delivers peppy messages later. (Though, to be fair, the diabolical threesome were wanted by, uh, somebody.)

It's rather surprising that Cap didn't score a regular gig on the PSA circuit, considering that his gung-ho patriotism and general corniness wholesomeness could've been utilized for any number of causes. In comics, Cap protected kids from the scourges of drug-dealing aliens and green monsters bent on spreading asthma. Seeing as how he's, you know, literally wrapped in the personification of the American dream, you would think that every government agency and watchdog group would've jumped at the chance to sign Cap as their star-spangled spokesman during the '80s. He certainly possesses more gravitas than, say, Pee-Wee Herman. (Plus, you can't beat that reassuring "Keep it up America!" catchphrase.) Take a look at Cap's public service announcement days after the jump.

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