Ever since the untimely conclusion to Marvel's "Captain Britain and MI: 13," many fans have felt a Sentry-level void in their reading stack. Fortunately, former series writer (and full time Brit) Paul Cornell is kind enough to keep those craving more of the team abreast of the characters' ongoing adventures, specifically Captain Britain's role in the upcoming "Deadpool Team Up" #893 by Rob Williams and Matteo Scalera.

Featuring a cover by Humberto Ramos, Cornell praised the preview pages he'd been shown by Williams before mentioning that another member of MI: 13 would also be making an appearance in the story.

Marvel's yet to release the issue's full solicitation info, so readers are left to glean story details from Ramos' cover image. The clever role reversal theme aside, I'm not exactly sure if the Captain will be sitting down for tea with 'Pool, but it's really pretty hard to predict with that guy. Who doesn't fancy a cuppa, eh?

Fans can pick up the potentially hat-switching story themselves this May.

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