The fluidity of Marvel’s Netflix Defenders schedule and reports of multiple new series in development for the ABC branch leaves plenty of Marvel characters to explore, but we won’t be heading across the pond just yet. Despite recent rumors suggesting “Captain Britain” might lead a new Marvel series, consider the idea officially debunked.

It all started with a few tweets from notable poster artist Ciara McAvoy, who claimed unequivocally that a new Captain Britain series was in development, awaiting an official star. McAvoy even followed up in recent days to imply that a co-producer might soon okay the formal announcement:

Apparently not so, according to TVLine, who say “Well-placed sources, however, assure TVLine that the rumor is ‘not true.’”

For what it’s worth, Captain Britain first arrived on the scene in 1976 under the Marvel UK imprint, as dying physicist Brian Braddock receives the Amulet of Right from Merlyn and his daughter Roma to become the namesake character. Braddock is also notable as brother to Betsy Braddock, also known as X-Men mutant Psylocke.

McAvoy continues to insist on the project as real, but would Captain Britain work on TV anyway? What heroes should Marvel next court for a TV series?

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