The automotive aesthetics obsessives over at CarDesignFetish recently concluded a competition where readers submitted their redesigns of that most iconic of vehicles, the Batmobile. The site encouraged participants not to concentrate on fancy renderings but rather on quick and dirty sketches to effectively convey their ideas, which helped generate quite a lot of entries. We've chosen our favorites, which you can see after the jump.
The talented human designated Paul Denton won CarDesignFetish's Batmobile redesign contest with the decidedly spooky and maybe even Invader Zim-esque submission you see directly below. For his skill, Denton was awarded a copy of Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli and a copy of what CarDesignFetish described as the "pivotal Batman graphic novel" Batman: Cacophony by Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan... Well, that's why they're experts on cars and why we're experts on Batman.

With all due respect to Denton, more impressive to us is the entry from Matt Gould that you see above. Gould won the international portion of CarDesignFetish's competition with this future/retro car that recalls the Batmobile of Batman Beyond. The model was created in 3D Studio Max.

If this sort of thing is in your wheelhouse (see what we did there?), CarDesignFetish's sister site SideQuesting is hosting a Tron lightcycle design contest with prizes including the Tron: Legacy art book and sweet toys.