Numerous artists have had a crack at DC Collectibles' Batman: Black and White series over the years. The long roster of creators to have their styles translated into sculptures is filled with both classic and current favorites, though there is always room for that roster to expand. While we've seen some of the true masters of the form take their crack at the series, one of DC's brightest silver age stars is only now seeing his style make the leap. That's true of the characters included in the statue series as well. Where once Batman: Black and White was solely focused on the Dark Knight, recent years have seen the line grow to include the rest of the Bat-cast, such as the Joker, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and now Robin as well.

Announced this week (via MTV), the Batman: Black and White statue series will soon see Carmine Infantino's Batman and Robin join the team. Previously, we'd seen the likes of Dick Sprang, Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli and Neal Adams get statues based on their immediately recognizable styles, but Infantino's interpretation of Batman had largely gone unappreciated in the line. Now, not only will his Batman be celebrated, but his Robin, too.

The statues are each based on a Batman and Robin poster Infantino designed many decades ago, and which also served as the cover to DC's recent collection of his Batman stories. It's always interesting to see an artist who'd typically worked in flat images have their work translated to 3D, particularly when that artist is from an era where these kinds of collectibles weren't common. It brings a new air of appreciation to the form, and also gets some of Infantino's work out there in new ways for new audiences.

Both Batman and Robin will be available in June 2016, and will retail for $80 a piece. Like so many of DC Collectibles' statues, these will be limited to runs of 5200 pieces each.


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