Matt Fraction's creator-owned tale of interdimensional espionage, evil twins and body-swapping love returns this September with Casanova: Avaritia, a.k.a. avarice, the third of the deadly sins that title each volume. As the new chapter opens, dimension-tripping superspy Casanova Quinn is still bitterly estranged from his father -- and boss -- who has tasked him with the job of cauterizing the timelines that were were damaged by his previous leap through space-time. Which is to say, committing holocaust after holocaust as he obliterates entire alternate universes on a daily basis. It's quite possibly the worst job in all the worlds, but someone has to do it.

Ready for an exclusive six-page preview of the comic that has been blowing our minds since 2006? Because we've got one.

We've talked a lot about Casanova before, and how it's not just the indie masterpiece of one of the biggest writers in comics today -- it's one of our favorite comics period, so we're pretty excited to see the first new issue of the series in over three years. Originally published at Image Comics, it recently moved to Marvel's creator-owned Icon imprint, which rereleased all fourteen issues start to finish with brand-new colors. Avaritia is pencilled by Gabriel Ba, who illustrated the first volume, Luxuria, and has been trading off art duties with his twin brother, Fabio Moon.

If you'd like to preorder the book, click over to Things From Another World, or print out the teaser above and take it to your local comic shop before mid-August to make sure you get a copy. You'll want to. Check it out below, and if you haven't read the first two volumes, Luxuria and Gula, buy them now in book format or check out the digital versions on the Marvel app for iPad and iPhone.

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