Being a comics fan means your favorite characters never really go away.

For those who were disappointed to hear that DC has no official plans for Cassandra Cain as of yet, for those who are justifiably skeptical about the rumors that Billy Tucci might write a Cassandra Cain series, and for those who are fond of good, old-fashioned comics meta, there are "Casstoons."

"Casstoons" is a fan-made webcomic that chronicles the adventures of Cassandra Cain. Four years ago, when "Casstoons" first started out, the comic attempted to shed light on her bizarre behavior in continuity.

Since Cassandra Cain isn't doing much continuity adventuring in the DCU these days, "Casstoons" mainly sends her out to see the sights in other comics, and takes little swipes at comics continuity. As a parody comic, it points out problems both in and out of canon.

"Casstoons" is as elusive and peripatetic as Cassandra Cain herself, these days. There is no regular website on which they appear, although they show up regularly on Scans Daily, Superdickery and a creator page on Deviantart whenever Cass has something to say about the current storylines.

Most Cassandra Cain fans would like to see her back on the page, instead of the computer screen, but since that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon, "Casstoons" is a fun way to bide our time until she comes back. After all, it can't be that long.

Can it?

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