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March is Women’s History Month, and we’re looking at the history of Wonder Woman. As we all know, her first theatrical film is due out later this year. But what if it wasn’t her first? What if there had been as many onscreen Wonder Women as Batmen?

So far we've done a Golden Age Wonder Woman movie and a Silver Age Wonder Girl movie; this week we march on into the early 1970s, for another movie featuring stars of the era.

As you probably know, the late 60s and early 70s was a unique period in Wonder Woman history. The book was written by Dennis O'Neil, with art mainly by Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano, and their run took the character in a very new direction. Inspired by Emma Peel from the British TV Series The Avengers (no relation to the Marvel super-team), Wonder Woman gave up her costume and powers to become a stylish martial artist and super spy, under her civilian name of Diana Prince.

Clearly the movie would also take inspiration from The Avengers. It might even have something of a gender-swapped James Bond formula, with Diana traveling the globe in her pursuit of Dr. Cyber, and romancing multiple men along the way.

  • Diana Rigg as Diana Prince

    DC Comics/United Artists

    I considered a lot of actresses for this era's Diana, and I decided it made the most sense to go back to the source. As Emma Peel on The Avengers, Rigg directly inspired Wonder Woman's makeover. So now that she's done with that show, why wouldn't you offer her the lead in this movie?

  • Keye Luke as I Ching

    DC Comics/CBS

    As you can probably guess from his name, I Ching is a pretty clumsy portrayal of a Chinese man. Since this movie only exists in our imagination, we can be optimistic and hope he would have come out pretty well. It can only help to cast genre veteran Luke in the part.

  • James Garner as Tim Trench

    DC Comics/NBC

    Trench is a private eye who allies with Diana and I Ching against Doctor Cyber, before changing his allegiances at the worst possible moment. An actor as charismatic as Garner will make that moment all the more surprising.

  • Barbara Steele as Doctor Cyber

    DC Comics/New World Pictures

    Diana's arch-villain of the era, Doctor Cyber is the mastermind behind an international criminal empire. She's also a great beauty, until she's disfigured in battle and starts wearing a creepy robot mask. If anybody can successfully do all these things in one movie, it's Barbara Steele.

  • Michael York as Reggie

    DC Comics/MGM

    Handsome, English, posh, ultimately untrustworthy. This is a Michael York role for sure.

  • Sissy Spacek as Cathy

    DC Comics/Warner Bros

    Cathy's the closest thing to a teen sidekick Wonder Woman has in this era, and Spacek will certainly make the part her own. We're going to leave out the part where they met when Diana saved her from enslavement by a lesbian street gang, because the less said about that story, the better.

  • Martin Landau as Tony Petrucci

    DC Comics/CBS

    Landau is a welcome presence in any genre project, and he's more than capable of radiating that vague sense of menace that Diana's neighbor Tony gives off before turning out to be a friendly tough guy.

  • Morgana King as Mrs. Petrucci

    DC Comics/Paramount

    Okay yes, I cast the Mom from The Godfather because I couldn't come up with any other matronly Italian women in the early '70s. But you have to admit, she looks pretty perfect for the part.

  • Ingrid Pitt as Morgana

    DC Comics/MGM

    Although Cyber should certainly be the main villain of the film, I think we can find room for the literal witch who threatens Diana's neighborhood with her vast magical powers. Glamorous Euro-horror star Pitt was great at this sort of part.