After months of waiting... we have to wait a little bit more. But not too much more, for Anime News Network reported this week that a dubbed English version of "Cat Sh*t One" has been produced! Studio Anima is preparing the 22-minute feature for a free high definition stream, presumably for worldwide Web broadcast sometime this year.

Adapted from the manga by Motofumi Kobayashi, "Cat Sh*t One" (or "Apocalypse Meow," as it was known in North American translations), is the story of anthropomorphized animals undertaking a series of "The Expendables"-style military operations. Like Art Spiegelman's "Maus," each animal represents a different nationality. In the world of "Cat Sh*t One," Americans are rabbits.

A trailer for "Cat Sh*t One" premiered at the Tokyo Anime Festival in 2009 and, with its stellar rendering and incredibly cool action, quickly caught the attention of basically everyone on the Internet. A full-length episode aired in Japan back in July.

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