Two weeks, two high-profile writer swaps on major new Marvel titles.

Last week, Marvel announced that Haden Blackman was taking over as the new writer of the forthcoming Elektra title, replacing writer Zeb Wells because of Wells' increased TV commitments. Now, the company has announced that Inhuman, one of the most-hyped titles coming out of the Inhumanity event, won't be staffed by the series' originally announced writer, Matt Fraction. Charles Soule will be taking it over. Series artist Joe Madureira will remain on the book.

Last month, Marvel had to delay Inhuman issues #1-2 from a January release to April, but they were still solicited with Fraction as the writer.

In August, Marvel announced Fraction's exit from Fantastic Four and FF, with editor Tom Brevoort claiming Fraction's work on Inhumanity and related titles was too demanding to see those series to their planned conclusions.  "Something had to give," said the editor.

Predictably, Marvel's press release about the Inhuman writing change doesn't even mention Fraction. Instead, it includes quotes from Soule and Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.

“His pitch for She-Hulk proved that he thought big and would bring a lot to the world-building of Inhuman," Alonso said of Soule.

The release that announced Haden Blackman was taking over Elektra similarly didn't mention Zeb Wells, who has said in interviews that his TV work has just become too much to juggle alongside writing Elektra. Editor Stephen Wacker tweeted a joke about the switch in which he mentioned Wells' Cartoon Network pilot titled Übermansion.

Inhuman #1 is still set to arrive in April.


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