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The undead will wreak havoc on the living in December with the re-release of Children of the Grave from IDW Publishing. And, keeping with the holiday spirit, IDW (and COTG co-publisher, Charlie Foxtrot Entertainment) are making this new printing of the critically acclaimed military/horror tale into something special for the book's many loyal fans, as well as those who may be new to the story. For the first time, Children of the Grave will be printed in full color, with new extras, including an all-new short story by COTG creators Tom Waltz and Casey Maloney, as well as a fantastic new cover by award-winning artist, Ashley Wood.

First published in 2005 as a four-issue mini-series by Shooting Star Comics, then collected in 2006 as a trade paperback by IDW, Children of the Grave is the story of a U.S. black ops unit who is investigating terrorist-caused genocide in the Middle East, only to discover the victims have returned from the dead, seeking revenge against their killers. COTG continues to be, in the words of its writer and creator, Waltz, "the little indie book that could."

"Both Casey and I are astonished by the resilience of our military/horror yarn," Waltz adds. "Seems like only yesterday we were showing off sample pages to publishers, and now we've been published in black and white by Shooting Star, then in grayscale by IDW, and now, again by IDW, in full-color. We've had a Dan Brereton cover and now an Ash Wood cover. Honestly, we were just happy to get the book published when we started, so everything else that's happened since has been gravy."

Recently, Waltz, a former Marine and Gulf War vet, embarked on another challenge as a managing partner in the multimedia entertainment company, Charlie Foxtrot Entertainment, which is founded and run by military veterans. It was Waltz's connection to CFE that led to the new printing of Children of the Grave to be done in full color.

"I first came to the attention of CFE through my work on Children of the Grave," Waltz explains. "And when IDW decided to do a second printing, CFE wanted to be involved, and was gracious enough to attach artists Jon Alderink and Gerry Kissell (also a partner at CFE) as colorists. CFE's got plenty of other things in the works, but we couldn't be prouder to have our first official production be in partnership with a company as awesome as IDW."

As far as where COTG goes from here, Waltz says the sky's the limit.

"Children of the Grave has gone beyond all expectations for Casey and me," says Waltz. "Especially considering it was our first published comic. It's opened doors for us that might have remained shut without it, that's for sure, and we've been lucky to have so many wonderful fans, both inside and outside the industry, supporting us all the way. We'll just keep enjoying the ride, wherever it takes us from here."

Children of the Grave is now available for pre-order. Diamond Order Code is OCT07 3610.

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