Artist Chris Faccone loves speed lines, forward momentum and all shapes and sizes of Masters of the Universe figures. That much is evident from his subtly touched-up color commissions he's produced, featuring She-Ra and Skeletor, as well as some of the toy line's more out there characters, such as Mosquitor and Roboto.Faccone operates by hand and in Photoshop, according to his rate card on He's also got a well-stocked deviantART account with loads more MotU action and a few bright-eyed heroes, including Wonder Woman and Namora. Faccone draws with clean lines, producing some strong Jack Kirby-meets-Darwyn Cooke-looking figures.

If there's a He-Man pal you want to hang on your wall, this guy seems like a fine choice to approach. Whether you're looking for Hordak or Dree Elle, there's a high degree of probability that he can do the job. It looks like he'll even do a Snake Men group shot if you ask nicely.

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