The King is not dead in the world of Chris Sheridan's art. Instead, Elvis has taken up the pistol and the sword and moved himself out to the American West for further star-spangled adventures. When he's not rendering characters like Captain America, Hellboy, Daredevil and a big chunk of the Star Wars cast in his own style (or creating his own comics), Sheridan is creating whimsical and dramatic original scenes -- from encounters with Lovecraftian monsters to a child having a magical experience with a red balloon.
Under his own label of Powder Keg Comics, Sheridan has published the comics Rumpus and Old Crow: The Genteel Assassin. He's also working on a new series, Noir, which you can watch an animated teaser for over on YouTube. Sheridan's characters, with their large noses and powerful foreheads, seem influenced by Jeff Lemire, but their gestures and body language are distinct, especially in his original scenes.

You can follow Sheridan's work on his blog.


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