For the past few years, I've been taking a sketchbook to conventions across the country and getting pieces of art with a single theme: Characters created or co-created by the King of Comics, Jack Kirby. After 52 sketches, you'd think I'd be running out of characters, but with only a couple repeats, it's still going strong. Today, in honor of Kirby's 96th birthday, I'm putting all the sketches in one place to show some of the best artists working in comics celebrating Kirby's lasting legacy as a creator!


Darkseid by Ming Doyle


Big Barda by Thom Zahler


Kamandi by Benjamin Birdie


Silver Star by Jeremy Dale


Black Panther by Declan Shalvey


The Thing by Scott Wegener


Orion by Jay Potts


Etrigan The Demon by Tom Fowler


Mister Miracle by Gabriel Hardman


Goody Rickels by Tom Scioli


Dr. Doom by Chris Hastings


The Hulk by Brian Hurtt


Klarion the Witch Boy by Chuck BB


Arnim Zola by Steve Epting


Crystal by Robert Wilson IV


Granny Goodness by Sanford Greene


Devil Dinosaur by Tim Seeley


Amora the Enchantress by Colleen Coover


Loki by Jojo Seames


The Human Torch by Jarrett Williams


Fin Fang Foom by Roger Langridge


Cyclops by Chad Thomas


Marvel Girl by Jordan Witt


Captain America by Rashad Doucet


The Black Racer by Ron Salas


Mr. Fantastic by David Marquez


Annihilus by Chris Schweizer


Flippa Dippa by Nate Bellegarde


OMAC by J. Gonzo


Orion by Erica Henderson


Galactus by Ryan Dunlavey


Hercules by Fred Van Lente


Black Bolt by Kevin Mellon


Dubbilex by Derek Charm


White Zero by Andre Szymanowic


Skrulls by Jim Zub


Lockjaw by Mike Norton


Googam, Son of Goom by Patrick Dean


Lightray by Joe Hunter


Kanto by Kyle Starks


The Mole Man by Andy Hirsch


Arishem the Judge by Joel Priddy


MODOK by Ryan Browne


Forager by Joel Carroll


Galactus by Dustin Harbin


The Invisible Girl by Erin Gladstone


Lashina by Adam Withers


Funky Flashman by Jamal Igle


Karnak by Aaron Diaz


Iceman by Kel McDonald


Amora the Enchantress by Jen Vaughn