Don't get confused. The actor who played Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones didn't start moonlighting as an illustrator peddling prints of Wolverine. However, there is a talented fellow named Christopher Lee who's drawn his way through a full lineup of heroes and villains and made them look fit to do cameos in The Yogi Bear Show.
Lee's dapper mustachioed Stormtrooper seems to be the crowning achievement in the print shop over on his site The tiny spirits swimming around in his Real Ghostbusters series really unify the set though.

His whole lot of Yosemite Sam-bodied, Zippy the Pinheaded pieces runs the gamut from Batman and Megatron to the Ultimate Warrior and Mario. And even if the Warrior does look like he's saner than Mumm-Ra, they're all respectable pieces of work. Check out a handful of our favorites and a few of Lee's early sketches below.