Just ahead of Inception's well-deserved Academy Award nominations for Best Picture and Best Screenplay, filmmaker Christopher Nolan chose three winners of the "Big Under" contest. Appropriately sponsored by DeviantArt, the contest asked artists to read the script for an Inception motion comic book prequel and create appropriate cover artwork. The winner may see their work used as the actual cover for the motion comic, which may be included as a bonus feature on some Warner Bros. release or another in the near future. But because that's a bit weak commitment-wise, the winner also gets $2,000.

Check after the jump to see the three "The Big Under" winners chosen by Inception creator Christopher Nolan himself, as well as the twelve other finalists. If these covers pique your interest, be sure to download the Jordan Goldberg's script for "The Big Under" and head over to DeviantArt to view all the covers in high resolution.

1st Place Winner - by ~waitedesigns

2nd Place Winner - by ~CoreyLoving

3rd Place Winner - by *addenton223


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