Civil War II is right around the corner, and as is tradition with a big summer event, someone is going to die. A beloved character’s upcoming demise has been one of Marvel’s big selling points for Civil War II, and speculation has been running rampant concerning which hero might bite the dust.

By rifling through Marvel’s upcoming solicitations for May, June and July, it seems there are a couple of very likely candidates for Civil War II’s big death. We’ve rounded up the evidence and put together a compelling case that points towards one fan-favorite in particular as this year's most likely summer sacrifice. (Note that this article contains speculation that could spoil the events of Civil War II.)

What we know of Civil War II so far is that ,in the early days of the story, Iron Man does something drastic as a reaction an event that takes place right at the start of the conflict.

The solicitation text for June’s Civil War II #2 reads:

As the Marvel Universe reels from the events of the first issue, Tony Stark decides to take matters (and the law) into his own hands and declares war on the Inhumans. But not everyone agrees with Tony's perspective and they are willing to die trying to stop him.

It is Tony against some of his closest and dearest friends as the portents of civil war rock Tony and his status quo to its very foundation. We can't tell you anything else without spoiling Civil War II, but you will NOT want to miss this emotional and explosive chapter.

It seems something happens to Tony --- or someone he cares about --- that drives the opening few issues of Civil War II, and speculation is that James Rhodes AKA War Machine, is going to perish in the beginning of Civil War II. While possibly a red herring, the current issues of Invincible Iron Man are labelled as “Road To Civil War II,” but the only apparent connection for now is that the current arc “War Machines” is about Tony and Rhodey’s friendship.


Civil War II #2


Predicting War Machine’s death does admittedly require one to fill in a few blanks and make connections that may not be what they seem, and there’s every chance War Machine makes it out of Civil War II alive. However, judging from the recently released July solicitations, have an idea of another beloved Avenger who may perish.

Civil War II #3:

This is the one everyone will be talking about! One of the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe will fall! Who it is and how and why will divide fans for years to come. Will the heroes of the Marvel Universe survive the unthinkable happening? The fallout to this issue is enormous!

Civil War II #3 contains another moment that promises to rock the Marvel Universe and light up the internet with controversy, and unlike the other solicitations, this one does promise a death. Marvel isn't exactly keeping too tight a lid on it, because a quick glance at some of the Civil War II tie-ins gives us a much better idea of who is due to die.

AMADEUS CHO has lost someone very close to him. Now he's mad. VERY MAD. No one would like him when he's very mad.

Someone close to Amadeus Cho dies in Civil War II, and there are a few candidates from there. There’s his sister Maddy, there’s his best friend Hercules, and then there’s his mentor, She-Hulk, who is currently a supporting character in The Totally Awesome Hulk.

Say, isn’t She-Hulk a supporting character in another book?

Patsy Walker A.K.A Hellcat! #8

When fallout from the battlefields of Civil War II hits close to home, Patsy is forced to take stock of her life as a hero -- and to face what it really costs to be A.K.A. HELLCAT.




Yes, it does seem that by July, everyone’s favorite jade giantess She-Hulk will lose her life as a result of Civil War II. Jen is close to Captain Marvel, one of the key figures in the event --- in fact they both serve on A-Force, which Jen Walters leads --- so it stands to reason that She-Hulk’s death may inspire or reinforce Carol Danvers’ belief that superheroes should take advantage of the “predictive justice” powers afforded to them by the new Inhuman, Ulysses.

Speaking of A-Force, if their leader is slated for death, it won’t reach the book in June, as A-Force #7 is not a Civil War II tie-in, and seems to continue the new arc by Kelly Thompson and Ben Caldwell. It may be that if She-Hulk dies, it doesn’t reach her own team until August or beyond, possibly so Marvel doesn’t tip its hand any further than it already has!

There is a chance that Jen survives as well, and it’s an Avenger no-one is expecting, like Starfox or Sersi or Triathalon. However, judging by the evidence presented thus far, we should brace to say goodbye to Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to cope by re-reading Charles Soule & Javier Pulido’s run throughout the entire month of July.


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