The 1989 Avengers West Coast Annual featured an unusual short story by Mark Waid and then-newcomer Amanda Conner called "Rate The Hunks," in which Wasp and She-Hulk offered their expert assessment on the sex appeal of their male Avengers colleagues. Almost thirty years later, we've assembled our own experts to repeat the exercise, with an updated twist.

The Avengers are a lot more famous today than they were in the late '80s, and their best known public faces are the movie stars that portray them on the big screen. Our attachment to those actors sometimes informs our views of their comic book counterparts, so in order to address that, we're rating the comics and movie versions of Marvel's celebrated hunks side-by-side.

Our panel of Elle Collins, Zina H., Emma Lawson, Kieran Shiach, and Andrew Wheeler will rate each of the comics and movie versions of the MCU Avengers on a scale from one to five, with a combined score out of 10 for each character. We've also thrown in a couple of leading men who we expect to see alongside the Avengers in the upcoming Infinity War movie; Star-Lord and Doctor Strange. (Little baby Spider-Man can wait a couple of years if he wants to join the ranking.)

Check out our highly authoritative assessment of the Avengers hunks below, and let us know who you think deserves to come out on top.


    Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Emma: My dating history suggests I tend to be attracted to men who are full of themselves, but I actually don’t really like Tony. His only redeeming quality is his giant pile of money. Pepper makes him more likeable, but I don’t see what she likes about him. Robert Downey Jr. does a great job portraying Tony, but that just means he’s good at playing a self-absorbed jerk. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 2/5. Score: 4/10.

    Elle: It may be unfair, but I could never be attracted to Tony Stark, because I still think about the curly mullet he use to have, and that kills it for me. Robert Downey Jr. certainly brings some charisma to the role, but he’s still too much of a jerk to be very appealing, and his facial hair is way too sculpted for a straight man his age. Comics: 1/5. Movies: 2/5. Score: 3/10.

    Andrew: Tony has never really done it for me. Outside of the metal suit he's an unctuous playboy, and that's not just a role he plays, that's who he is. Inside the suit he's a special effect. The same holds true for Downey, despite his charms and talents as a performer. Comics: 1/5. Movies: 2/5. Score: 3/10.

    Kieran: I do feel bad for Tony, because he’s obviously an attractive man in the comics and in the films, but I agree that there’s just nothing all that hunky about him. I’m going to be basing a lot of my decisions based on the image that comes to my head of the character in the comics, and when I think of Tony Stark, I think of Mike Deodato’s heavily referenced Christian Bale in-between roles look, which doesn’t help. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 2/5. Score: 4/10.

    Zina: The only time I’ve ever actually thought of Tony as “hunky” was in Ultimates back when I had a thing for jerks in comics. Now… not so much. The character is okay in the comics, but his habit of making one bad decision after another kind of keeps me from thinking he’s hot. I’m also not a fan of Robert Downey Jr.’s smug little face. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 3/10.

    COMICS: 8 / 25
    MOVIES: 9 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 17 / 50


    Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Kieran: As someone that also struggles with anger sometimes, I think I could empathize with Bruce, but we might just be too combustible a pairing to be viable. Ruffalo’s good for a cuddle, but comics Bruce has way too much baggage. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 5/10.

    Elle: I don’t think the idea of being attracted to Bruce Banner had ever even occurred to me until I saw Mark Ruffalo in the role. The nature of Banner is to be a tightly wound spring, which isn’t usually all that appealing. Give the part to Ruffalo, though, and suddenly it’s not about being tightly wound at all. It’s about diffusing that ever-present anger with a slouch and an eye-twinkle. Comics banner retroactively becomes a little more attractive, just by proximity to Mark Ruffalo. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 7/10.

    Andrew: Hulk is such a giant walnut of green flesh that he’s almost never sexy, with the possible exception of when Gary Frank drew him, though I suppose I won’t be shocked to learn that he has his admirers. The browbeaten professorial appeal of Ruffalo is much more evident to me, but not something that works on me directly. Comics: 1/5. Movies 2/5. Score: 3/10.

    Zina: I know that some people think the Hulk is hot. I tend to avoid those people. While I can get the appeal of a giant green rage-beast when I squint, there’s nothing about the Hulk in the comics or the MCU that appeals to me. To add to that, Bruce Banner is something of a creep in the comics, depending on who writes him, and he always looks a bit squirrelly. Meanwhile, I can’t think of anything to say about Mark Ruffalo that isn’t horribly inappropriate. Because he’s “old professor” hot. Comics: 1/5. Movie: 4/5. Score: 5/10.

    Emma: Zina, I’m one of those people. He’s cute! In a giant green rage-beast sort of way. Whatever, I’m into it. I love Mark Ruffalo, but I actually don’t really care for him as Bruce Banner. Maybe he’s just too cuddly. He can’t quite pull off the rage. Still totally hot, though. Comics: 3/5. Movie: 3/5. Score: 6/10.

    COMICS: 9 / 25
    MOVIES: 17 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 26 / 50

  • THOR

    Chris Hemsworth as Thor
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Kieran: For me, Thor is an character that it very much depends who is drawing him as to how hansy I find him. If we were specifically ranking Olivier Coipel’s Thor, especially with the short hair/beard combo from The Unworthy Thor, then he gets top marks. Not everyone is Olivier Coipel though, alas. As for Chris Hemsworth, he’s got a goofy charm that makes up for a lot of the aspects about Thor’s personality that I find a bit boring, so that edges him out over his comics counterpart. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 7/10.

    Emma: Long hair doesn’t usually do it for me, and Thor is often too beefy and muscle-y for my tastes. He does get some points for being a literal god. Chris Hemsworth makes Thor into a big, dumb jock with a heart of gold — not someone I’d want to spend too much time with, but I’d definitely make out with him. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 5/10.

    Elle: Thor’s a bit too much of a big blond rectangle for me. He’s certainly handsome, but he really needs a strong injection of personality to be interesting. Chris Hemsworth provides that personality on a level the comics have never quite managed. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 7/10.

    Zina: Thor’s beefy blondness defintely works for me when the art in the comics is done right. Unfortunately, he’s usually drawn to rather boxlike proportions… Now Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is really hot, but there’s something about him that puts me in mind of a golden retriever. He’s super nice to look at, and is probably loads of fun, but I still don’t think that Thor’s personality is all that captivating. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 7/10.

    Andrew: I think comic book Thor could learn a lot about how to be a really great Thor from Chris Hemsworth’s performance, which brings so much goofy likeability and gallant handsomeness to the character. Hemsworth is essentially perfect, both as Thor and in a more absolute sense. Comic book Thor is just a big pretty blond guy, but shhh, I am super into that. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    COMICS: 14 / 25
    MOVIES: 21 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 35 / 50


    Chris Evans as Captain America
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Andrew: Cap is handsome in that slightly unnerving propaganda poster way; a little too unruffled, a little too Teutonic. For him to be attractive, you need the reassurance that he's a good man. That's where actor Chris Evans has really helped his case, because there's a long-running debate in comics about what the politics would be of the man chosen to wear the flag, and Chris Evans is that man, and he is resolutely progressive, and loud about it, which helps make Cap all that more attractive. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 8/10.

    Emma: As a Canadian, I probably shouldn’t like Captain America that much, but he’s just such a good dude, I can’t help it. Chris Evans manages to make Cap more than the picture perfect poster boy; he imbues him with real empathy. When I watch Chris Evans onscreen as Steve Rogers, I truly believe that this man just wants to do what’s right. Plus, that scene with the helicopter, right? Comics: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    Kieran: I’ve got to agree with Andrew completely on this one. Comics Cap is more of a mentor and someone to look up to. He’s everyone’s big brother, and I hope he finds happiness with the man or woman of his choosing, but I just don’t love him like that. However, there’s something about being in the role of Steve Rogers that just makes Chris Evans even more handsome, as if it were even possible. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 7/10.

    Elle: Comics Cap doesn’t do much for me on a gut level, but I find myself wanting to give him a high rating just on general principle, because he’s such a good guy, at least when his personal timeline hasn’t been manipulated to make him a jerk for ill-advised storyline reasons. And of course, Chris Evans as Cap is actual perfection. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    Zina: I definitely agree with Kieran and Andrew. Comics Cap gives me some serious mentor vibes, so I’d be more focused on making him proud of me than on how much I want to make out with him. Meanwhile, Chris Evans is literally perfect as Cap. That jaw, those eyes, that dang helicopter scene… I am weak. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 8/10.

    COMICS: 16 / 25
    MOVIES: 25 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 41 / 50


    Don Cheadle as War Machine
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Emma: Nope. Not my taste, in either the comics or the movies. Comics: 1/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 2/10.

    Elle: I’ll take Rhodey over Tony any day. Military characters aren’t usually my cup of tea, but Rhodey makes up for it with loyalty and good heartedness. In the first Marvel comic I ever read, Rhodey was Iron Man, and part of me still prefers him in the role. And let’s be real, nobody ever got less attractive being played by Don Cheadle. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    Kieran: Honestly, when it comes to comics, I don’t think I’ve read enough Rhodey-centric stuff to get a real feel for him as a character, but as an army dude he’s got at least a base-level of hunkiness that I can get behind. Now, Don Cheadle on the other hand isn’t what I’d call a “hunk,” but he’s a very good looking man, and I’m not going to let semantics get in the ways of my ratings. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 7/10.

    Zina: Man, I love me some Rhodey. I’m like Elle, in that my first experience with the character in the comics was with him as Iron Man, and I’ve always been a little bitter that it wasn’t a permanent role for him, because I just enjoyed him so much. I also really enjoy looking at Don Cheadle in everything he’s in, and he’s a good-looking Rhodey! Comics: 3/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 7/10.

    Andrew: Maybe it’s just something about men who wear giant guns that I find a turnoff, but Rhodey is only barely more attractive than Tony to me. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 2/5. Score: 4/10.

    COMICS: 13 / 25
    MOVIES: 16 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 29 / 50


    Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Kieran: This might be sacrilegious for many fans, but Bucky is a character that I actually prefer the comics version to the film version. Yes, Sebastian Stan is a very handsome and rugged man, in his own way. However, he’s still yet to evolve the ability to portray the full handsomeness of a Chris Samnee or Steve Epting illustration, but I also fully believe he may one day unlock that ability. Comics: 5/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 9/10.

    Elle: I don’t really get the whole Bucky thing. Okay, that’s not fair, I totally get it, I’m just choosing not to take part. He’s brooding and troubled, he might still have some mind-control programming inside him, and he’ll never really be there for Steve like Steve deserves. That said, he is very handsome, whether in comics or as portrayed by Stan. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 7/10.

    Andrew: I definitely get the whole Bucky thing, and the whole pouty bruised wounded tiger thing that Seb Stan does so well. Comics: 5/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 9/10.

    Zina: I also get the Bucky thing (boy, do I!) and would happily stare at Sebastian Stan’s pretty racoon-eyed face being sad for hours if I could. Comic: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    Emma: He’s troubled! And often sweaty and dirty. Think of what he could do with that super strong arm! The only downside is he might accidentally try to kill you in your sleep. That and, let’s be real, he should really be banging Steve. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    COMICS: 21 / 25
    MOVIES: 22 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 43 / 50


    Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Andrew: Hawkeye has always been sexy, which is why Jeremy Renner stands as the weirdest mis-casting in MCU history. Hawkeye has this rumpled anti-authoritarian huckster charm. He's a relationship mistake you can't resist repeating. Renner feels eminently resistible. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 5/10.

    Kieran: Here’s what I’ll tell you about Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye. I had to check the rules for this piece to see if I could give anyone a zero before I started writing this. If comics Captain America is your big brother, movie Hawkeye is your “uncle” who is actually just your dad’s mate. Comics Hawkeye is a bit too vanilla for my tastes as drawn by most artists, but put a plaster on his nose and bruise under his eye and I’m a lot more interested. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 5/10.

    Emma: Comics Hawkeye is fairly vanilla but thinks he’s got serious game. His good natured ribbing with the better Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) makes him more likeable, as does his amazing dog. If we went on a date, I’d go up to his apartment for a drink after dinner, but most likely I’d spend my time petting Lucky, and I'd fall asleep on his couch. Movie Hawkeye is just the worst. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 5/10.

    Elle: Hawkeye’s always been attractive, but Matt Fraction and David Aja made him adorable. Distinguishing a character out of costume can be a challenge in a world too full of handsome blond white men, but making Clint scruffy and perpetually beat-up makes him stand out, as does all the character work that makes him such a lovable loser. Meanwhile, the movies just missed the bus on Hawkeye all together, casting an actor whose main function seems to be comprising an additional body while not distracting from the more important heroes. Comics: 5/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 6/10.

    Zina: I’m not a huge Hawkeye fan. He’s too much of a hot mess in the comics for me to find him physically attractive, even with the cute dog and fun quips. Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is as far from my type as you can get, and I am still mad that I’ve had to look at his face as much as I have. For me, the hottest Hawkeye will always be the one from that one Disney XD cartoon. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 3/10.

    COMICS: 19 / 25
    MOVIES: 5 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 24 / 50


    Anthony Mackie as Falcon
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Emma: Sam Wilson has always been a bit too militaristic for my tastes, but Anthony Mackie’s performance turned a sidekick into the sexy best friend. Instead of wanting him to get out of the way so you can spend time with Steve, you just want to be the filling in a sexy Captain America sandwich. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 7/10.

    Elle: Sam is the best guy, and he’s spending a lot more time as the one true Captain America than he’s ever going to get credit for. Sam’s a little too clean cut for me in the comics, but Anthony Mackie makes up for that with sheer charisma in the movies. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 7/10.

    Kieran: I’d argue that Sam Wilson in the comics is slightly more hunky than his movie counterpart, especially in recent depictions by Daniel Acuna, but Anthony Mackie isn’t anything to sniff at either. His portrayal of The Falcon injects a good deal of comedy without being the comic relief at any point and I think any movie he’s in is improved by his presence. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 8/10.

    Zina: I think Anthony Mackie makes a cute Falcon, but his mouth is just so small, and it’s beyond distracting! However, he does have a fantastic personality! As for Falcon in the comics, I have to agree with Kieran that his comics counterpart is a bit higher up on the hotness scale. Comics: 5/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 9/10.

    Andrew: Sam seems like a real good dude, but for me he’s too much of a best bro to be crush material. Then again, I could totally see him as that bro that you suddenly realize you’ve had feelings for the whole time, and it turns out that’s a pretty great relationship. Steve. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 2/5. Score: 5/10.

    COMICS: 17 / 25
    MOVIES: 19 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 36 / 50


    Chris Pratt as Star-Lord
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Kieran: Man, if you asked me this like two months ago, comics Star-Lord would not have fared well at all, but now we’ve got Kris Anka drawing him shirtless on the reg. Ask me in a couple more months, and I’ll bump that score up, but there have only been two issues so far, so it’s not had time to really take hold in my mind. Movie Star-Lord is okay. That one scene in the prison is nice, I guess. That’s about it. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 6/10.

    Andrew: Star-Lord was utterly generic before Chris Pratt came along, both in looks and personality; now he's a charming handsome goofball with great abs, which is quite an upgrade. In fact, the current comics version might even be better than the movie version. But, for all that I try to be over Chris Pratt, I cannot deny the powerful effect that Chris Pratt as Star-Lord has on me. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 7/10.

    Emma: I want to hang out with Star-Lord in space and lick his super hot Kris Anka abs. We’d have so much fun together. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 7/10.

    Zina: Can I call next on licking Star-Lord’s abs, Emma? Because from the second I saw Anka’s art, I was invested. If not, I will more than gladly settle for a chance at Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, because he is literally out of this world hot. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 8/10.

    Elle: Chris Pratt is adorable and charismatic, but Star-Lord is a loser and always has been. No amount of Kris Anka abs can change that. Kitty Pryde deserves better, and so does the galaxy. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 6/10.

    COMICS: 15 / 25
    MOVIES: 19 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 34 / 50


    Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Andrew: So, I am probably the only person who would say this, but Quicksilver is way, way up there in my list of bangable Avengers, along with Namor and Starfox. Do I have a thing for haughty slim-hipped dudes with widow's peak hair and a bad reputation? Apparently, yes. Which is why it pains me that the Marvel movie version got him so badly wrong. (So did the Fox version, but we're not looking at that here.) Aaron Taylor-Johnson is just a blah. Comics: 5/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 6/10.

    Emma: See, this is one of the only times I’ve ever found Aaron Taylor-Johnson attractive. I honestly think it’s the hair. And probably the smirk. Comics Quicksilver is also pretty hot. Who can resist a bad boy? Comics: 3/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 6/10.

    Kieran: I think I’m with Emma here, at least partly because I kinda really like obvious dirtbag movie Quicksilver a whole lot. However, I’m less into condescending elitist jerk Quicksilver from the comics. Comics: 1/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 4/10.

    Zina: Quicksilver is also pretty high on my list for hot Avengers. I mean, definitely he’s in the top ten. I think he’s one of the few jerky characters that I still like in comics, and there’s something about silver-haired jerks that just flat out does it for me. Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the other hand… Comics: 4/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 5/10.

    Elle: Comics Quicksilver would be aghast that they let a bland jock like Aaron Taylor-Johnson play him in a movie. I doubt he’d be thrilled about Evan Peters either, but he’d at least be proud of being the only hero to appear in both franchises. Anyway, Comics Quicksilver is the worst in that way that makes him kind of the best. Movie Quicksilver is the worst in a different, less entertaining way. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 5/10.

    COMICS: 17 / 25
    MOVIES: 9 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 26 / 50


    Paul Bettany as Vision
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Emma: I’m basing my scoring of Comics Vision on his 2016 solo series, which if you haven’t read, you absolutely need to. Vision’s a dad trying to raise his kids in suburbia, and while I normally love dads he’s… kind of a bad husband and father. Movie Vision is basically my perfect man — super intelligent, handsome, and so awkward. What can I say, I like weirdos who are trying to learn how to express their emotions. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 6/10.

    Andrew: I've gotta say, I love Vision as a character, but I don't know what Wanda sees in him. Comics: 1/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 2/10.

    Elle: I never cared about Vision until I went back and read a bunch of 1970s Avengers comics. That was when I was surprised to discover that Vision is actually the best and I totally ship him and Wanda. Prior to John Byrne ruining everything for no reason, of course. Movie Vision is adorable. He ended up being kind of a jerk in Civil War, but you never doubted that he meant well. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 8/10.

    Kieran: I mean, I am the Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye reader of this group, so I don’t want to sound judgy, by the dude is, like, a robot, right? I appreciate he’s got an appealing personality, but I’d be way too in my own head about how this is going to work to be able to get into it. Comics: 1/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 2/10.

    Zina: Part of my brain wants to know why the Vision is on this list, because he’s a robot… Another part kind of wants to kiss the Vision which is… worrying. I’m a huge fan of the Vision in his solo series, but there he’s a lot more Robot Dad than anything else. In the MCU, he’s definitely “hot for a robot” though, so while I can’t see myself marrying him (and I agree with Andrew that I don’t get what Wanda sees in that weirdo), I’d definitely view him as eye candy. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 5/10.

    COMICS: 10 / 25
    MOVIES: 13 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 23 / 50


    Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Emma: Reformed bad boy who originally stole the suit to save his sick daughter’s life! Definitely a hunk. Ant-Man in the movies is a bit dorkier than I wanted, but Paul Rudd’s face is pretty magical. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 6/10.

    Elle: I’ve always liked Scott Lang as a character, but he doesn’t do much for me, attraction-wise. He was a really good boyfriend to Jessica Jones back in Alias, which didn’t really work out well for him, but it wasn’t his fault. I have a hard time seeing Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang as the same character from the comics, but he’s still Paul Rudd, which is worth a lot. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 6/10.

    Andrew: I’ve never quite got to grips with Scott Lang’s unique selling point; he feels like maybe the last in the conveyer belt of generic Avengers blonds. Paul Rudd looks nothing like him, but that’s okay, he looks exactly like Paul Rudd. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 4/5. Score: 6/10.

    Kieran: Scott Lang is one of my favorite Marvel characters in both the films and the comics, but I think I’d rather be friends with him than anything else. His comics counterpart suffers a bit in the ratings because of that, but again, the movie version does still look like Paul Rudd, so gets that bump in the score. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 3/5. Score: 5/10.

    Zina: I’m not an Ant-Man fan, and sadly Paul Rudd does nothing for me in the role. I just feel like Scott Lang is very bland. Comics: 1/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 2/10.

    COMICS: 11 / 25
    MOVIES: 14 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 25 / 50


    Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Andrew: Man, Chadwick Boseman is real real handsome. Panther has always had a presence and gravitas that makes him sexy, but Chadwick Boseman has a sensuality that takes the character to the next level. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    Emma: T’Challa is handsome! And he’s royalty! He married Storm, so we know he’s got good taste. Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa is the total package. Great acting, great physicality, great voice. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    Kieran: Chadwick Boseman is a serious challenge to Chris Evans as the most handsome man in the entire MCU, and his starring role in the upcoming Black Panther film may be enough to push it over the top. The comics version of T’Challa is equally one of the most intelligent, charismatic and interesting people in his world. Top marks all ‘round: Comics: 5/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 10/10.

    Elle: If the comics version of T’Challa has a flaw, it’s that sometimes he’s so impressive and competent a figure that it can be hard to get a handle on him as a character. Ta-Nehisi Coates’ writing is actually doing a lot right now to make him more accessible to readers. And as far as the movies are concerned, the character’s already pretty fascinating after his appearance in Civil War, and Boseman’s just absurdly handsome and charismatic. Comics: 4/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 9/10.

    Zina: T’Challa is the first character on this list that I wish I could give bonus points to. I think that the fact that he’s a serious figure who mostly has his act together when it comes to rulership really ramps up the appeal for me. On top of that Chadwick Boseman is the ideal, and I still make obnoxious noises whenever I see photos of him in costume. Comics: 5/5. Movies: 5/5. Score: 10/10.

    COMICS: 22 / 25
    MOVIES: 25 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 47 / 50


    Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
    Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

    Emma: I cannot stand Benedict Cumberbatch’s facial hair as Doctor Strange, I just can’t. Comics Strange is pretty cool; I’m into magic. Comics: 3/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 4/10.

    Kieran: No, thank you. Dr. Strange is an established sleazebag in the comics, and Benedict Cumberbatch may be an actual lizard person. Comics: 2/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 3/10.

    Andrew: Cumberbatch was a very safe and disappointing choice for the role. He certainly fits the part, but that means he does nothing to sex up the dashing but sexless comics character. Imagine the sizzle that Oscar Isaac or Oded Fehr could have brought to the role? Comics: 2/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 3/10.

    Elle: I agree with Kieran that Comics-Strange is a bit of a slimeball, I just don’t think that necessarily makes him unattractive. Maybe it’s because most of the comics I’ve read featuring him are from the Bronze Age, but I tend to associate Stephen Strange with the virile, mustachioed leading men of the 70s. That’s all the more reason I was disappointed when they cast Cumberbatch. I realize “Elliott Gould in his prime” wasn’t actually an option, but I’d rather have seen someone who could better approximate that. Comics: 5/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 6/10.

    Zina: I agree with Emma: Cumberbatch’s facial hair as Doctor Strange just doesn’t work for me. I don’t think Cumberbatch is attractive in the first place, and then he’s playing a character who I wanted to fight both times I watched the movie, and whenever I read his comic, so he didn’t really stand a chance here. Comics: 1/5. Movies: 1/5. Score: 2/10.

    COMICS: 13 / 25
    MOVIES: 5 / 25
    TOTAL SCORE: 18 / 50


    =4. Falcon/Captain America / Sam Wilson
    =4. Quicksilver / Pietro Maximoff
    3. Hawkeye / Clint Barton
    2. Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes
    1. Black Panther / T'Challa


    =5. Anthony Mackie as Falcon
    =5. Chris Pratt as Star-Lord
    4. Chris Hemsworth as Thor
    3. Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier
    =1. Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther
    =1. Chris Evans as Captain America


    14. Iron Man / Tony Stark
    13. Doctor Stephen Strange
    12. Vision
    11. Hawkeye / Clint Barton
    10. Ant-Man / Scott Lang
    =8. Hulk / Bruce Banner
    =8. Quicksilver / Pietro Maximoff
    7. War Machine / James Rhodes
    6. Star-Lord / Peter Quill
    5. Thor
    4. Falcon / Sam Wilson
    3. Captain America / Steve Rogers
    2. Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes
    1. Black Panther / T'Challa

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