"Historical accuracy" and "Disney princesses" aren't usually two concepts that go together. But that hasn't stopped concept artist Claire Hummel from injected a little fact into those fictional characters, at least where their clothes are concerned. Hummel combines her costumer's eye and affection for animation in her other fanart projects as well, redesigning outfits for some familiar heroes and rendering others with cartoony, and gorgeously colored, flair.

Hummel, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, works as a concept artist for Microsoft Game Studios, where she's worked on games from Asheron's Call to Kinectimals. In her personal art, she tends to lean toward nostalgia, hence her quest to redesign the outfits of Sailor Moon and the Disney princesses. While the Disney movies aren't pegged to a particular time period (with the notable exception of Pocahontas), Hummel found historical dresses that are similar to the princesses' iconic looks and recostumed them accordingly.

It's worth visiting Hummel's deviantART gallery, where she goes by "Shoomlah," to read her explanations for selecting fashions from specific regions and periods, as well as where she cheated. (For example, Belle's over-the-elbows gloves don't match her late 18th-century French courtly dress, and Pocahontas wouldn't have worn a turquoise necklace.) She puts similar thoughtfulness into her proposed redesigns for Spider-Man, Harley Quinn and Clone Wars Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Her other fanart is stellar, especially her Seaking with its tattooed Pokemon trainer, a piece that has justifiably been making the rounds of the art blogs.

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