Production continues on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justicethe follow-up to Man of Steel that's set to include Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and, if they have time, Superman. At the very least, they're shooting a few scenes with Superman, as evidenced by a new photo from the set showing Henry Cavill as Clark Kent.

This innocuous image has exploded on social media, probably because people are very excited to learn that in the new film Clark Kent will look exactly like he did in the last one. It's also worth noting that in this particular photo, Cavill is seen without Kent's famous pair of glasses, and... I mean, look, this might just be me here, but without glasses, doesn't Clark Kent look kind of like Superman?

Here's a larger version of the photo:


Henry Cavill as Clark Kent
Click for full-size


The photo also shows Cavill holding up a t-shirt, presumably before he twists it all the way around to end its reign of terror. He had no choice.

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