Today's "Comics Reprint Revolution" panel at Comic-Con provided some pretty exciting news, as Gary Groth of Fantagraphics Books announced that the publisher will be reprinting a complete collection of Floyd Gottfredson's classic Mickey Mouse strips beginning in May of 2011.

Disney's "Mickey Mouse" comic strip was just a few months old when Gottfredson began working on it in 1930, and he continued to do so until his retirement in 1976. Gottfredson worked behind the scenes for the vast majority of his career and wasn't publicly credited by Disney for his work until the late 1970's. He was finally inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2006 some 20 years after his passing.

We've already seen the gorgeous treatment that Fantagraphics has given to books like "Peanuts" in reprinting them, so there's no doubt that Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse will get the same. Kudos to them for bringing the work of a legendary artist back to today's readers in a way that will honor his memory and contributions to the medium.[Via Fantagraphics]

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