The spirit of the '90s is alive and well in the art of Clay Mann, and judging by his recent blog posts, he's been flexing his art muscles quite a bit around the convention circuit in 2011. Marvel put this guy on Daredevil and Dark Reign: Elektra for good reason. He knows how sculpt out some rugged figures that look like they evolved straight out of a Top Cow book or Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri's classic X-Men work.
Mann's art blog awaits you on His World War II-era Captain America and Black Canary show off his eye for detail, but he's also got an Elektra vs. Karate Kid sketch in there that would inspire its own miniseries in a fair and just world.

He doesn't skimp on the coloring in any of these, either. The soft shadows and razor-sharp line-work he employs should make everyone else in the world's artists alleys want to ramp up their skills.

See a selection of Mann's work below: