You may not be able to own every sketch that '80s-loving artist Cliff Chiang of "Neil Young's Greendale" fame drew at HeroesCon 2010, but you can ogle the fruits of his labor and contemplate his ability to draw the bejeezus out of just about anything, be it Lady Blackhawk (no relation to the Stanley Cup-winning hockey team from Chicago) or Shang Chi. From Cheetara and Giant Robo to Jean Grey in Atlantis and Edgar Rice Burroughs character Dejah Thoris, Chiang received an impressive array of requests at the show, and each and every one of them is enough to make you want get on his list pronto for whatever con you may cross paths with him at in the near future.

Classic Chiang renditions of Wonder Woman and Zantanna also show up in the gallery of artwork he posted recently at His Astro Boy and Snow Queen are nothing to scoff at either. As per usual, his knack for polished finishes on just about everything he touches comes out in each of these pieces.

Click on past the jump and ponder what you would have Chiang draw if you ever come face to face with him in an artists alley somewhere.

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