If you're sitting in your computer chair reading a Comics Alliance blog post, chances are very good that you're already the proud owner of some form of comic book fashion apparel - whether that's a T-shirt, some shoes or a hat, you're probably in possession of some article of clothing that has something to do with the superhero community. But the chances are considerably lower that you've got extremely expensive comic book clothing items created by highly talented French designers hanging up in your closet.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has joined forces with clothing designer Colette to celebrate the 75th anniversary of DC Comics with a limited edition line of very expensive clothing items such as the "Wonder Woman" dress designed by Sonia Rykiel and a set of bejeweled "Green Lantern" gloves from Karl Lagerfield. Of course, it costs a pretty penny to purchase these items - $613.01 in the case of the aforementioned "Lantern" gloves - but if you've got the dough to spend, by all means, knock yourself out.Source: Super Punch

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