People always give Bruce Wayne a hard time when they discover his sloshed mannerisms are fueled by ginger ale, but as proven by College Humor's latest Batman parody, his sobriety is definitely a good thing when it comes to accomplishing anything resembling crimefighting - especially in the loose context of Bats' '60s TV show.

While Bats starts off as a seemingly functional alcoholic, it becomes increasingly clear that the Caped Crusader needs a serious intervention. Alas, as much as Robin and Commissioner Gordon attempt to stem the tide of his self-destructive behavior, Gotham City seems to end up paying a steep price.

From the Dark Knight meeting Superman to Batman Vanishing, College Humor's run no shortage of humbling Bat parodies, but this one probably takes the cake for what some might consider...relatable content.

Give it a view after the jump. And please, always drink Batsponsibly.