When it comes to superhero comics, color is a bigger deal than you might think. As great as black and white stories are, the psychology of color is an important storytelling tool. Some characters and titles even rely on it explicitly. Just imagine trying to understand Geoff Johns' multiple Green Lantern arcs if the color corps he's introduced over the past few years lacked distinct hues. Grey Lantern and the Aliens With Different Chest Symbols just doesn't have the same appeal, you know? Noting its importance to the comic book medium -- specifically in superhero comics -- ColourLovers has created a massive infographic that highlights the color theory employed by Marvel and DC Comics, among others over the years. Check it out after the cut to see what you make of it.While the data used for this infographic isn't exactly scientific or fully comprehensive, including every superhero title from every piece of sequential art would be more or less impossible and demand too many qualifiers to make for a snappy chart. All in all the infographic is just a simple reminder of basic color theory as it relates to superhero titles... even if some colors get less love than others.

See the full infographic from Colourlovers below and feel free to nitpick in the comments:

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