Whenever San Diego rolls around, we get a lot of strange superhero-related news across our desks here at ComicsAlliance, usually from companies that want to use infographics to get some of those sweet, sweet comics-reading clicks. Sometimes, though, it's one that's too perfect to pass up, and this week, we found out something that you need to know: Aquaman is 2015's most toxic superhero.

That, at least, is the word from Intel Security, who studied information from top search engines to determine which superheroes were more likely to lead users to sites where they were at risk of being targeted by malware. According to their data, the buzz surrounding Jason Momoa's upcoming performance as Aquaman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (actual title) and a solo movie in 2018 has given crooks ample opportunity to target fans who just want to know more about the King of Atlantis.


2015's Most Toxic Superheroes, Intel Security


According to the data, Aquaman tops the list by putting searchers at a staggering (and waterlogged) 20% risk of encountering malware, meaning that one in five results are trying to steal your credit card number. The other heroes rounding out the list are also pretty obviously tied to existing or upcoming television and film projects, with the exception of Catwoman. Notably absent from the list, however, are Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, and most of the Avengers.

From Intel's press release:

As movie studios continue to announce plans to create films and TV series based on comic fans’ favorites – including Aquaman, Doctor Strange and Iron Fist – the study’s results explain why sites that feature these popular superheroes have the potential to be targeted by cybercriminals. They are aware that people are surfing for these characters, giving cybercriminals ample opportunity to steal innocent people’s personal information.

Admittedly, that's not really the storyline that I have in mind when I hear the phrase "Aquaman vs. Cybercriminals" --- you'd kind of expect there to be at least one robot arm in there somewhere --- but I honestly hope that this leads to a new direction for the Justice League's fishiest hero, because I would read the heck out of a story where Black Manta was racking up fraudulent charges on an Atlantean credit card.

Either way, if you've got questions about Aquaman, it might just be best to stick with us.


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