Note: The above gallery includes an image that may be considered inappropriate for viewing at work.

Music and comics. Like chocolate and peanut butter, they're two great tastes that taste undeniably great together. Until 14th May, London's Orbital Comics store is celebrating the union of the two art forms with the 'Cover Versions' exhibition.

As part of the event, 14 comic artists have created new cover art for some their favorite albums. If you've ever wanted to see Christian Ward covering Radiohead's Kid A, or a mash-up of The Beatles' Abbey Road with Morrison's New X-Men --- and if you didn't previously know you needed these in your life, you do now --- then look no further.

Other stand-outs include Declan Shalvey's appropriately kinetic and raw take on Mogwai's Rock Action; the atmospheric mods 'n' mopeds of Marc Laming's redesign for Quadrophenia by The Who; and the sun-kissed nostalgia of Deftones' Around the Fur, as rendered by Chris Wildgoose.

If you're in London over the next week, you can check out the full exhibition --- with full-size prints of these covers, and a selection of music-related comics --- at the Orbital Comics Gallery Space. And if the images above or a visit to the exhibition has convinced you that you not only need this art in your life, but on your wall too, we have good news: each piece is available as a print at 12x12” record-sleeve size from the Cover Versions website, with all proceeds going to the Brain Tumour Research charity.

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