With Halloween just around the corner, there are plenty of websites that have turned their attention to costumes, but we here at ComicsAlliance are doing things a little differently. Instead of getting readers to dress up as comic book characters, our own

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Chris Sims has gathered together fifteen of our favorite comic book characters that have swapped out their own costumes (well, most of them) to dress as someone else!

Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker as
Spider-Woman and Spider-Man

Franklin Richards as
A Cowboy

Batman as
"Indian Chief"

Kraven the Hunter as

Stephen Stills as
Johnny Cash

Archie Andrews as
Jughead Jones

The Bizarros as
Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Mickey Mantle and Jerry Lewis

Lois Lane and Clark Kent as
Daphne and Freddy

Empowered as
"Sexy Librarian"

Spider-Man as
Paul the Gorilla

Ray Smuckles as
Ray Smuckles

Rip-Cord as
(with Bed-Pan Hitting Action)

Sakura and Chun-Li as
Chun-Li and Sakura

Hercules as
The Mighty Thor

And finally...

The Mighty Thor as
A Pretty Pretty Princess!

Got a favorite? Know one we overlooked? Planning on dressing up as Spider-Man-Dressed-As-A-Gorilla for Halloween? Let us know in the comments section!

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