Everyone remembers their first comic book, but for those who go on to create stories of their own, a personal initiation into the world of sequential art can run especially deep. Devoting one's career to the pursuit of crafting comics is rarely done out of anything short of love, and for many creators, picking up a particular issue was love at first sight.During this past summer's strip to San Diego Comic-Con International, ComicsAlliance tapped the "Phonogram" team of Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen, "Amazing Spider-Man" and "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" writer Dan Slott, "Sweet Tooth" creator Jeff Lemire, and "The Legend of Neil" stars Tony Janning and Sandeep Parikh for their first comic book reading experience. No matter if they were grocery or convenience store purchases, hand-me-downs or school raffle prizes, comics found a way into the hands of some thankful readers. For many, all it took was one read to set them down a long and winding path of awesomeness.

Get some insight into your favorite creators' secret comic book origins below:

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