If you've been on the Internet for more than five minutes, you've probably noticed that it serves primarily as a place for people to argue about things, and the Let's Be Friends Again forums are no exception. In a thread called The Next Event comic started by Socialfist creator Luke Herr, the webcomic's readers are engaged in a heated debate about upcoming titles, which creators are past their prime and which are completely underrated, and what titles don't deserve to be rebooted yet again in hopes of finding an audience. It's the same sort of argument you can find on countless comic book websites across the Internet.

There's just one difference: None of the comics, creators and characters they're arguing about actually exist.Over the past few days, the thread has grown to seven pages of people building what Herr describes as "an alternate comics universe," and the end result just might be the most entertaining forum thread on the entire Internet. It's all worth reading, but I've picked out a few of my favorite entries.

If you've ever been to a comic book forum forum before, it won't surprise you one bit that the first response is both confrontational and pining for something last seen 25 years ago:
Dylan Todd ups the ante by creating a title, two creators and eighteen new characters (including a legacy!) in one post, then summing up virtually every comic book forum post ever in the final line. For the record, though? I would read Retro-Jethro in a heartbeat.

On the infinitesimally small chance that you haven't already heard, reboots are making some pretty big news these days, and apparently the Alternate Comics Universe is no exception. Still, it's nice that they heard the fans' complaints about a lack of female characters and decided to include Prudence Godstone.

Let's Be Friends Again co-creator (and ComicsAlliance contributor) Chris Haley weighs in with his opinion on a recent direction from a new character.

As Jordjevic proves, you can't have an Internet discussion of comics without someone looking down his nose at others getting into it with someone who dismisses anything with a plot twist as being too complex.

Apparently the Alternate Universe also has those cryptic teasers that are open to interpretation, which helps distract fans from the surprisingly prevalent danger of lightning:

Sometimes, the glimpses into the Alternate Universe are a little depressing, if only because their comics seem so much more awesome than ours:

And in my absolute favorite sequence of posts from the thread, a debate breaks out over the quality of an artist's work that sounds like every single conversation I have ever had with Davids Brothers and Uzumeri:

And finally, if you're confused about where to start with an entire universe of (fake) comics, there's a suggested reading list on where to begin:

For the whole saga of the Next Event Comic, check out the forum post, and if you've got a strong opinion on whether Garfield Davis's Future Truckers was an underrated classic or a pretentious attempt at artcomix, have at it! After all, that's what the internet's for.

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