The Diamond Comics Distributors numbers are out for comic book sales in November 2011, and while DC Comics maintained the lead they earned with their massive new 52 relaunch in September, that lead has now diminished significantly. DC dropped 18% in dollar share and 22% in unit share from last month, a high point where DC had seen a huge boost from the New 52 and lead Marvel Comics in unit share nearly 51% to 30%.

DC's share of the comics market in terms of dollars and units is now lower than it was in September, but higher than it was before the relaunch in August, when Marvel still held the lead. Some attrition in sales is always to be expected after the initial interest in a #1 issue wanes, and it will be interesting to see how DC -- whose entire DC Universe line is now experiencing that phenomenon -- fares in the coming months, and whether the relaunch has the staying power to keep their market share in the top spot.

DC Comics also had six out of the Top 10 comic books for November, compared to seven last month and four in August, before the New 52 began.

DC also dominated in the Top 10 graphic novel sales for November 2011, taking five out of the ten top spots. Sales of all graphic novels were up a whopping 30% this month as well, while dollar and unit shares of periodical comics fell 5% and 7% respectively.

You can check out the dollars and unit shares of Marvel and DC Comics reported by Diamond Comics Distributors over the last several months below:

August 2011:

September 2011:

October 2011:

November 2011: