As a trip to the store this week will prove, there are plenty of comic book themed Valentines out there on the shelves, just waiting to help you tell your elementary school classmates significant other how you feel through a lenticular hologram of Batman and Green Arrow. But for me, it's been the same problem ever since I was a kid: No matter how many choices are out there, I never quite find the characters I want to send out.

That's why every year, I take it upon myself to make my own sets, using pictures from the comics I love so much! So if you can't find the message you want to send -- or, more likely, if you've forgotten to get a card and you need something to print out on the quick -- enjoy this year's set!

First up, Arsenal makes a confession:
Superman will love you forever. Or at least for three issues before he moves on:

The cast of Funky Winkerbean lays it on the line:

For Larfleeze, this isn't what you'd call a request:
The better to hold you with, says Spider-Man:

It just wouldn't be a holiday at ComicsAlliance without The KGBeast:

We always knew Lois Lane liked aliens, but this is going a bit far:

WARNING: "Sorry I forgot your birthday, baby, I had to erase my mind to keep the evil Norman Osborn from discovering the secrets of the Avengers" is an excuse that only works if you're Tony Stark:
Gwen from iZombie knows what makes a real romance:
For Jack Kirby's New Gods, feelings are always a little... intense:
And finally, Aquaman will never get used to these feelings: